We have colts this year sired by four of our stallions:  Wind Dancer King, King Brown Legacy, Black Widow Legacy, and Widows King

Mares bred to Wind Dancer King include Miss Purity Queen, Kings Kriss Kross, Kings Lady Pepper, Kings Purity, and Daisy Kings.

Mares bred to King Brown Legacy include Kings Bay Jewel, Kingz Special Kay, Kings Black Sable, and Miss Smoke Reed.

Mares bred to Black Widow Legacy include Kings Jessie Breeze, Kings Discount Queen, Fandel Queen, Kings Two Time Jewel, King Jacks Honey, Kings Black Beth, Kings Pepper Joker, Pretty Much King, Poco Paddy Lynch, Kings Poco Lady, and Kings Gray Widow. 

Mares bred to Widows King include March King Widow and Kings Gray Pepper.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about these prospects!  Call now to book your favorite before weaning: 605-244-7492.