Steel Dust Horse Association

What's so special about the Steel Dust Horse Association?   Why choose a Steel Dust horse over a horse from another of the foundation registries?   Our goal in being part of the Steel Dust Horse Association is the genetic preservation of a rare breed-----the Foundation Quarter Horse.   Can't we do that with any of the Foundation registries?  The main difference between the SDHA and the other Foundation registries is that the SDHA does not allow one to "breed up".    The SDHA necessarily eliminates all Throroughbred blood from any Throroughbred foaled after 1939.  Many FQHA and NFQHA registered Quarter Horses meet the qualifications of the SDHA, but not all of them do.  On the other hand, our SDHA registered horses will also qualify for registration with any of the other foundation registries, many of them at 100%.  

The reason for the 1939 cut off date for SDHA registration is the elimination of all Three Bars blood.   What's wrong with Three Bars?   SDHA founder Tommy Tongyai determined after extensive experimentation with inbreeding various Quarter Horse Lines that the Three Bars line carried a gene for a right front club foot.  Even with only a small percentage of Three Bars blood, the potential remains for that defect to show up in the offspring.  Take a look at the pedigree of any Quarter Horse.  Does he go back to Three Bars?  Chances are, he does.  More than likely he goes back to Three Bars more than once.  This means that most breeders, whether inadvertently or intentionally, are linebreeding their Quarter Horses to Three Bars----a Thoroughbred. 

Study the pedigrees of Quarter Horses for a while, and try to find one that has no Three Bars, no Top Deck, and no other Thoroughbred foaled after 1939.   Horses that meet the SDHA criterion are few and far between.  Only one in five hundred Quarter Horses will qualify for this registry.  It is our hope that by keeping our breeding program within the limitations of the SDHA qualifications we will be able to preserve the genetic integrity and physical soundness of these foundation bred Quarter Horses for future generations to enjoy.